About the festival

“THE GOLDEN EYE” is a festival of cinematography, which takes place in the town of Popovo in memory of the cinematographer Dimo ​​Kolarov, born there. The festival takes place every two years and dates back to 1998.

It is organized by the Municipality of Popovo and the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers in cooperation with the National Film Center (Ministry of Culture), with the support of the Association of Bulgarian Operators, the Association of Television Operators, BNT, Boyana Film EAD, UVT and the Association for the Environment and culture “Popovo XXI Century”.

The festival competitions feature feature films, documentaries and student films.

The Grand Prize for Cinematography “The Golden Eye”, founded by Popovo Municipality, won:

1998 – Konstantin Zankov for the film “The Patience of the Stone”,

2000 – Emil Topuzov for the film “Dan Kolov”,

2002 – Hristo Bakalov for the film “The Tail of the Devil”

2004 – Georgi Nikolov for the film “Traveling to Jerusalem”,

2006 – Plamen Somov for the movie “Stolen Eyes”.

2008 – Not conducted

2011 – Ralchev Ralchev for the film “TILT”

2014 – Andrei Chertov for the film “Rainy day

2016 – Veselin Hristov for the movie “Thirst”

2018 – Rali Ralchev for the film “Enemies”

2020 – Veselin Hristov for the movie „Sister“

2022 – Rali Ralchev for the movie “Do Not Argue with the Staff at the Baths”